Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Personal Transformation

Everything in life has a positive meaning. What is the meaning of negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, hate, rage and jealousy? The definition of negative emotion is the emotion you actually do not like to happen.

Currently I am surrounded with people holding such emotions. I observed them and come to the conclusions that negative emotions are the source of energy to transform your life, internally and externally.

Internally, because negative emotion is a part of yourself. The way to handle it is to make yourself fully aware of it. How does it come? How does it go? In which part of your body does the emotion sit? Feel it completely. Enjoy it. Be grateful. Be generous. Accept it. Be aware that it is a priceless gift of life.

If you are completely aware of the negative emotion, then next time, when you have the temptation to let it come out from the inside to the surface, you will know, and without any intentional act, it will just disappear, there is no effort required. Try it out, you will be amazed.

Externally, because those are the real reasons causing you to quit a job you dislike, finish a marriage you hold to long, stop smoking, start studying an MBA program, go running 10 km every week, buy a car, sell a house, do Yoga, do Ballet, say “I love you” to some one you love so much and say “good bye” to some one you do not love any more.

When you finish the internal and external transformation, then you finished a phase of your personal development, often very painful. Then you become a new person and start a new life.

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