Friday, December 18, 2009

The Power of Internet Community

There are growing populations of internet communities world wide. Recently I created a news group “Glückliche Arbeitswelt” (WWW: Wonderful Working World). Within two weeks we almost reach 500 members und 400 articles. By Christmas or latest by New Year we will reach more than 1000 members.

Our target is to reach 120.000 people within one year or the latest 2 years, under the condition that most of the group members are willing to bring 2 or more members within one week upon arrival. Why is that goal meaningful for the economy and for the society? Because we share the opinions that happy people will generate more performance than unhappy people.

For all German speaking people I would like to invite you to join one of the most interesting news groups in Germany, maybe one of the most valuable one for you.

Thank you.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gratitude (another Story)

In an internet Forum we discussed that the gratitude has the power to heal the soul. And people can do daily practice to initiate the feeling of gratitude. One example is to write down every day all the reasons why we should be grateful.

Then I asked in the forum: “Why should we need reasons at all? Is the fact that we live not reason enough to be grateful?”

Live brings so many unexpected reasons. Here is one. I went today to my dentist and was in hurry. I found a parking lot some where. The parking lot requires parking disk. However, somehow I could not find my parking disk in the car. So I decided to take the risk of paying fine.

But after I got out the car, I realized that I had parked in a completely wrong street. Am getting old :-) So I jumped in to the car and drove to the right address and found a parking lot right in front of dentist house. What a luck! But also there a parking disk was required.

I rang at the door. A nurse came out. I asked her if there is any parking disk available to be borrowed. She went to her car and said, here is an extra parking disk. Please take it away, I have a plenty of those at home.

Is this not a reason of gratitude?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Distribution List

When I was in China, I got once a month an email from a colleague in Germany, because I was not taken away from the large distribution list. The contents of the emails were not really relevant to me, but I was happy to receive the emails from Germany, which did not happen to often.

Today I met her at a farewell party of a common colleague in Germany and I suddenly realized that I did not receive any emails from her for long time. I said to her: “I missed your regular emails.” She replied: “I changed my job a year ago and the new job does not require me to send such emails to a large audience.”

I smiled and responded: “That is pity. But could you please send out nevertheless monthly emails and put me on the distribution list, regardless of contents.”

We laughed. :-)))

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Get Cheaper Petrol? (Billiger Tanken)

Today while I was refuelling the car I recognized that the gas station was pretty empty. The clerk was little bored and I tried to start a small talk with her and said: “Quite empty here, isn’t it?”

She responded: “Yes, because yesterday the Petrol price was low. And all people have refuelled already.”

This was an interesting statement. When I refuel the gas, the price is usually relatively high and I have to painfully learn that the day before the price was low. So I was very curious and asked the lady: “How do people know, when the Petrol price is low?”

To my big surprise she said: “Usually Monday is a good day to refuel your car.” This is exactly what I am going to do in the future. Who said “ask and you will get”? This guy is a genius!