Thursday, March 12, 2009

Strategic Talent Development

Let me start with a conversation between an employee and his boss about strategic talent development.

Employee: “I would like to participate a workshop about strategic talent development on Wednesday at 7:00pm and it costs 250 RMB. Can you approve?”

Boss: “I understand your personal interest in it, but I do not see any relationship with your current assignment.”

Employee: “But it is exactly what strategic talent development all about: preparing for future assignments. And the cost is minimal.”

Boss: “In fairness to all employees I will not approve. It is not a matter of cost, but a matter of principle.”

Employee: “I do not really understand it.” He went there and paid himself…

Sounds familiar?

The workshop did really happen. It was organized by AHK Shanghai for yesterday evening. The Lecturer was Katrin Braun, managing director from Machwürth Team International Asia. (She shares something common with me. We went to the same university RWTH Aachen at almost the same time. The world is small.)


She addressed the differences between leadership and soft skills training in China and in Europe. The resonance was very positive, proven by a lot of questions and after workshop networking. A great success.

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