Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happiness at the Work

The essential purpose of work in the business is to make other people happy.

If you are a waiter, your clients should enjoy the dinner. If you are writer, your reader should like your text. If you are factory worker, your products, such as iPhone, laptop, shoes, pen, watches, chairs will finally reach the end customers who need or want them.

If you are manager, your job is to make your boss happy, as well as your subordinate, so that they can work on things making the end customers happy.

If the essential purpose of work in the business is to make other people happy, you can not really do a good work without being happy yourself, because your happiness or unhappiness will be eventually transferred to the end customers. The obvious example comes from service sector, when your smile makes immediate difference.

However, most people work without a sense of happiness. They just want to earn money, as much as possible, to make a living. I believe this is the largest source of unhappiness in this world.

Therefore most people really missed the point of purpose of work. Help yourself to do something about it, either by changing the job or creating a working environment that will make yourself and the people around you happy. Amen.


  1. yes, yes and yes!!! I agree with you!

  2. Thanks, dievommond, I know that you are a life example for Happiness at the Work, by playing Guitar, Ballet, writting blog. Respect.

  3. I could not agree more - work is about happiness and the role of managers is to create happiness at work.

    And here's a fun coincidence - my book about happiness at work is now out in Chinese:

    It's also out in lots of other languages: