Monday, March 30, 2009

The Magic Element of Leadership

For years I have studied leadership from different experts. And I learnt that leadership is about setting and achieving goals, getting followers, its about focus and persistence, its about building relationship and its also about values and characters.

Recently I spoke with a French friend and realized that there is still a missing element, especially valid for me. This is the element which causes a miracle, which turns a drama into a happy end, which makes a crying woman smiling. I asked him: “What is it?” He said: “Let me give you an example.”

“Recently I gave a presentation for 150 top executives and it went very well. After the presentation a man made some tough comments and his view was wrong and his attitude hostile. The moderator wanted to protect my reputation and asked me, Mr. D, is this view contradictory to yours? People expect a confrontation from my side, but I thought few seconds and answered: complementary.”

Another example. You go to hotel bar and see the woman of your life. How do you approach her? You start small talks about meaningless things. Maybe at some point of time you exchange your names. Now this is the critical point. You look at her and say: “Tanya. You look magnificent.” You immediately get her attention and then she may laugh. You keep your face serious and say: “I am not joking.”

The magic element of leadership makes everything lightened, easy, smooth, but still so powerful to break ice, turn things around and save a big deal or a company’s survival.

My suggestion: get a French friend and ask him: “How do you seduce a woman?”

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