Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Skills Bringing You up to Top 1%

In economic recession, what do you really need to stand out? Two things: Speaking and Writing. Why? Let me give you few examples.

- Suppose you lost your job. What do you do? You prepare a superior resume and cover letter that will always land in the short list. Your interview is so impressive that you become the first choice. (Speaking and Writing).

- When you start a marketing campaign to launch a new product, you have to write clear and focused message to the target customers. Then you have to present it to them to remove all of their doubts, so that they buy your products. (Speaking and Writing)

- You are in the middle to close a deal beating your tough competitors. What is required? Preparing and negotiating the contract so well that will finally create a win-win situation between you and your clients. (Speaking and Writing).

I can go on and on, but let me pause here and ask you a question: have you ever learnt professional speaking and writing? Most likely you got some kind of presentation training. However I bet you have never learnt how to write a professional text.

Let say 10% of the people have natural talent to speak extremely well. Let assume 10% of the people are born writers. If you can do both well, it will literally bring you to top 1%. Call it competitive advantages.

How can you learn writing/speaking? Only by writing/speaking and then getting the feedback from the people who can write/speak well. There is no short cut.

My personal experience: I learnt writing by writing texts every month and sending them to the lecturers of
Schule des Schreibens for feedback, three years in a row.

I learnt speaking by creating a seminar myself and producing a DVD:
Top Position, getting constant feedback from a professional trainer. I invested a lot weekends for it, 12 months in a row.

It took time and efforts. And it was worth to do, every single minute.

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