Friday, March 20, 2009

Knowledge is for FREE!?

The title is not intended to provoke discussions about pirate practices in some Asia countries for anything that people can burn on a DVD, including movies, songs, audio books, software, seminars, etc.

But knowledge becomes more and more available free legally on the web. Examples: What is the last time you used a paper dictionary? How often do you use the paper yellow book to find any phone numbers and addresses? There are more than 70 million blogs out there, many of them very useful and interesting. Some are highly specialized and offered by experts, like this one :-)

When you google any question today, such as: How to cook Chinese? How to manage your boss? How to handle the situation when you fall in love with your subordinate? How to find a perfect partner? How to generate a coaching business? How to write a resume? There are ideas on the web which will bring you further, lot of them are FREE. And in 10 years from now, there will be much more on the web, because the knowledge on the web is growing exponentially.

So what should you do as an expert who lives from the knowledge. Hold your knowledge? Wrong strategy! Offer the knowledge for free on the web and learn and develop as quickly as you can new knowledge. Because everything you know will eventually become the common knowledge on the web.

What is your advantage when you share what you know, you are positioning yourself as an expert. Your clients will literally find you through the network.

In internet age, it is not about how much you know, but how much you share.

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  1. yes. I think like you. I love this kind of internet democraty very much and agree to give something for free.