Monday, March 30, 2009


“Go to the hell. Disappear from my life. Never come back.” He thought about her, tried to focus on all her negative characters, remembered the bad experiences with her. “Why did I fall in love with her in the first place? She is just not worth it.”

After he made the decision to detach with her emotionally, he felt much better, enlightened, relaxed. Then he fell in sleep shortly. It was a long, deep sleep. He hadn’t slept so well for weeks.

Then he woke up, all the determinations last night were fused with a single feeling of love, so strong, so hopeless to resist and so beautiful. Then he realized, that this was his calling, he could not explain why rationally.

He stood up and made his mind clear to approach her, probally in a different way. All he knew were two fixed points in his mind. He loves her right now and he will hold her hand to say good bye when she leave the world. He promised her and he is a man of word. How to get there would be interesting details, he thought and smiled from heart, enligthened.

The sun shined, windy, birds chattered. The nature was created so wonderfully in harmony because of love. He decided to go for it, despite obstacles, difficulties, including her own resistances. It will be a long way, but definitely enjoyable.

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