Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to Deal with Uncertainty in Organisational Changes?

In my 18 Years career in the industry, I got about 20 Bosses. The company I worked for changed the owners and names for four times. Yesterday I made a friend and what he told me broke all my records, he got this year alone already 6 bosses in a row.

I asked him: “How do you deal with the uncertainty of the organisational changes?”

He smiled and answered with a lightness: “I do not really deal with it. The uncertainty just does not exist any more.”

I was bluffed: “What do you mean, exactly?”

He smiled again and said: “Well, in the past I was always seeking for advices from my boss, when there is an organisational change. Recently, I realize that it was just not possible. My boss lived in uncertainty himself, and his boss does not really know what his next job will be and if he would have a job himself within the company at all.”

“So you lost completely the orientation.” I added.

He responded: “Until I changed my strategy. I set my own goals. There are two parts. First from what I know in the current situation what should I do to add value for the company, this is related to create either more sales or to reduce more cost. And second, what should I do to create for me more career chance within the company and outside.”

I said: “That sounds interesting. What is the outcome of that strategy?”

“The results are that I know at any given time of organisational change what I should do and feel really empowered.”

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