Friday, November 20, 2009


When I was at swimming pool two weeks ago, I came to the idea to test how long I could hold my breath in the water. So I started with 45 seconds for the first time, 50 seconds for the second time. And after some practice I could reach 90 seconds. I was very proud of my achievement and tried again and again.

Then the pool supervisor came to my place and said with a very angry voice: “Do you enjoy yourself?”

I did not understand why he was so upset and told him: “I am just practicing to hold my breath as long as possible.”

He said: “What do you think how it was looking like for me?” At the moment I realize that I was floating at the surface of the pool with the back upside, head below water, arms and legs hanging in the water. Yes, it looked like a dead body, specially, when I stayed in the water for long time without any movement.

For me I was enjoying the practice how long I can hold my breath. But for the pool supervisor I was a dead body he was responsible for. And what would be the consequence for him if this really happen?

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