Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ask the Right Questions

One of the best ways to redirect your or some one else’s attention is to ask a right question, because the universal conscience is trying to answer all the questions which are posted on to it. Let me give your some examples:

1) When you need an advice, write down for example “how do I find the best marketing strategy for my new service XYZ within one week?” When you put this question clear for yourself, then your mind start already to search for the answers.

2) In a conflict situation within a meeting, when two people are fighting each other to argue who is right, ask both of them “what is the right statement that you both can be happy with? Then suddenly both of them start to think about how to answer your question.

3) In the coaching situation, when your client talks to you about a dilemma “If I do A, it will be disaster, if I do B, it will be catastrophe. Then you can say: “The question here is, what is the situation C.” Then the client will look for situation C. After he finished, you can ask: “What is the situation D?” und so on.

4) In an on-line news group coaching, I posted a question “How do you come to the orders? Four people answered the question with a lot about what they have done to get the orders. However, my real question is “how do the orders come to you?” Maybe the orders can come to you without any efforts from your side.

Ask and you will get. Ask for the right thing you will get the right thing, Ask for the wrong thing, you will get the wrong thing, independently, where you put the question: on your mind, on paper, on the web, to other people. The universal conscience will get it and immediately work for it. Did I get your full attention? :-)

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