Monday, November 30, 2009

Writing as Self Coaching

In his book “Unter Vier Augen: Coaching für Manager” (coaching for managers) Wolfgang Looss mentioned that there are many alternatives to resolve your issues before you call for professional coach: conversation with yourself, with books, with your life partners, with your friends and colleagues, conversation with your bosses, depending on your specific situations.

One possibility for conversation with your self is writing. This is the most effective way for my self coaching. When I have an uneasy feeling or when I face challenges I write it down my thoughts and feeling. To make it interesting and maybe valuable some time I write down in form of stories and some times I publish it on my blog.

If I do not like the story, I change a little the course of the story, so that I feel more comfortable about it. By modification of the story, I shift my feeling about the situation. By shifting my feeling, I changed literally my realities. It takes me about one hour to write a story. I think it is a relatively effective alternative to a coaching session.

As wonderful by-products, you, as my blog reader, can enjoy the stories I published at my blog. Is it not amazing? ;-)


  1. Hi Wenyue,

    I completely agree on that. I have been writing my whole life, mostly nonsense kind of diary things and columns. And what it does is it externalizes what ever occupies you. You literally get it "out of your head". On to paper. By that you can let go of issues and deal with them out there in the world as opposed to only in your head. You also trasform mental energy into physical energy (even if it's only typing) and that is always great. I'll go for a walk now!

  2. That is a very interesting comment. Thank you. I will do more writing.