Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Success Models of Entrepreneurs

The news group “Glückliche Arbeitswelt” (WWW: Wonderful Working World) has now more than 1000 members. I realize there is a large number of self-employed. From the observation of these people I conclude that the most successful self-employed people follow three success models in common:

1)      Positioning model: they know exactly what they are doing and will do in the future. I can easily associate them with a very specific market segment or service offers.

2)      Reference models: they work with their peers together to reference each other, passing each other contacts to clients and say nice words about each other.

3)      Growth model: they have a system that the orders should not be limited to their own resources and capabilities. They build strong networks to handle large orders smartly. And have time to manage growing orders with external resources. 

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