Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take The Life As It Presents To You

On the airplane from Frankfurt to Singapore I was sitting right to a woman whose smell I could not stand. So I talk to myself, if you can not change the situation, enjoy it. I start to smile and begin to enjoy the smell. It was not too bad. Yes, it was not I wished, but it is a very specific smell. So take it as it is.

In this moment the guy sitting in front of me asked if I would like to change the seat with him, since he wanted to sit next to his friend who is on the left seat of mine. And I pleasantly accepted the offer and was released from all the feeling with the smell.

I changed the seat and was sitting next to a young and attractive woman who lived in Australia where other people spend their vacation. She just needs to walk over the street to reach the beach. We had an enjoyable conversation. When I arrived in Singapore I asked her to join us in the news group “Glückliche Arbeitswelt” (happy working world) at XING. She happily accepted. 

Take the life as it presents to you, then you will always be able to enjoy it.

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