Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aroma Body Massage

Last week I was in Singapore for a short business trip. After the work I feel to want to go for oil body massage and asked the health centre of the hotel about the price. The answer: for one and half hour aroma body massage it costs about 100 €. Oh my God, with this price I can easily go for 7 times for body massage in Shanghai in one of the nice massage salons.

I was struggling with myself if I should really go there. Then I used one of my strongest persuasion techniques to myself. “Listen, Wenyue. Just imaging that this is your last 100€. Most likely you would not use this money at all in your entire life, because you will leave behind more than 100€, when you die. So why don’t you spend it now for a good reason, instead of keeping it in your bank until you die. Yes, you could do 7 times massage for the same money in Shanghai. But you will not go there for next 2 months, so what if you are hit by a car accident during this time?”

Life is now. So I decided to do for the massage and that was the most enjoyable decision that day. Not only the masseur is highly professional with 15 years of experiences in five star hotels, but also she understood how to make your soul pleasant. She said: “your face looked like you are end of thirty.”

I responded: “You are flattering me.”

“No”, she said: “I am serious, because I meet a lot of people during my work. And honestly, you have a very young body. I would say your body looks like a man of age 28.”

“Thanks. I swim twice a week. That might help.” Deeply in my mind I even believed what she said. That is worth 100€ :-).

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