Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Candles

On Valentine’s Day my wife and I went to the Jade on 36 Bar at Shangri-La Hotel in Pudong. We enjoyed the wonderful view over the Bund, ordered fruit cocktails and a colorful fruit plate. Since the candle on the table was from electrical bulb (everything is fake in Shanghai :-), I brought two small red candles and lighted them up. The atmosphere was just fantastic.

During our conversation, suddenly the fire of one candle was drowned. I then calmly lighted the candle with the burning one. We continued talking, ate fruits and drunk our fruit cocktails. And all of sudden, the one candle stopped burning again. So I took the other one and ignited it.

During the whole night this happened four, five times, we were patient and recovered the fire again and again and saved the wonderful Valentine’s evening, until the burning candle was used.

On the way back home in the subway, I was thinking what did the two candles want to tell me? And suddenly I got an idea: in relationship of romance as well as in relationship with client, as long as one party still has passion (fire), that party can ignite the other party.

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