Saturday, February 21, 2009

Are you the Father of Wenyue Ding?

Last June I started to learn playing guitar, encouraged by a valued friend. And here is the story:

The administrator of the music school called me some times to resolve issues like paying fees or changing time etc. And the nice lady always started with the question: "Are you the father of Wenyue Ding?" To avoid the lengthy explanation, that my father actually already passed away few years ago at age of 90, I always answered: "Yes." Then we quickly resolved the issue and closed the call.

People do not really expect a person to learn some thing new and exciting at the age 48 -- by the way today is my birth day and got a CD "The Best Guitar Gems with music by F. Tarrega and J. Rodrigo" from my wife ;-) -- they expect you to burn out with hard work, get a heart attack and die.

But my plan is a different one. I want to live healthy until 120, having plenty of money, creating a training and coaching business for German Managers and write. I want to leave a spiritual heritage that will reach 120 million people. My mission is to make people at the working place including myself happy. No more and no less.

If I continue to practice guitar, one day at the age of 70 (22 years from now) I may be able to give a guitar concert.

But how can a nice lady at the music school know about all this? And how can I explain this to her? So when she will ask in the future: "Are you the father of Wenyue Ding?" I will simply answer: "Yes." and smile.

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  1. This is very interesting view.:)