Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Power Of Switching Off Mobile Phone

I am not a friend of working long hours, especially for things which can be avoided or which do not add any customer values.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who has to work very long hours as a manager and is forced sometimes to come to the office at the weekend. He never switches his mobile phone off, even while sleeping or during the vacation. He would worry about missing a phone call, maybe from his boss. But one experience changed his entire life forever.

Once he took one week vacation with his family to Tokyo and had not been aware that his GSM mobile phone did not work in Japan. The first day he was very nervous, because his mobile phone did not ring. He felt that some thing could happen and he was not informed. The second day, his fear reduced and he got used into it. After all what could he do?

From the third day he started to enjoy the complete silence coming from the mobile phone and realized how nice it was to spend the quality time with his wife and kids without any disturbance.

Today he switches the mobile phone while sleeping and during the vacation. He delivered even better performance than before, because a human being can not really be always on!

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