Monday, February 23, 2009

Berger Executive Resources: A High Performance Company

Since years I am looking for real life case studies of high performance companies. Today I happened to have the chance meeting a business woman who owns such one. Her name is Chen Wei, head of Berger Executive Resources focusing on HR consulting, mainly head hunting.

What did she do differently than other average head hunters? By the way there are thousands alone in Shanghai. She runs the firm successfully without overtime and she does not request employees to do overtime as well. Why is that possible in Asia, in China, in Shanghai? Because she does not waste any time and trained her employee to have the same discipline. The results: Berger Executive Resources belongs to top 10 according to on-line polls.

Some other head hunters including some big ones try to follow any cases they can get, with 10% to 30% hit rate. So 90% to 70% time are actually wasted. Chen Wei’s style is just the opposite, she ONLY follow the cases which 100% winning chances and sign exclusive contracts with down payments.

What are the benefits? For the company there are effectively no wasted resources including time and money. The clients get 100% care and focus and absolute quality job. The candidates have better chance to land positions which best fit to their talents. The employee always works on projects for which they will get bonuses. And who would like to leave such company to other average ones? Employee royalty leads to client royalty. Client loyalty leads again to high performance of Berger Executive Resources. A truly win-win-win situation.

I wonder why do not all the companies in the whole world follow the same concept?


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