Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Lead a Cat?

During my two years assignment in APAC head quarter of Alcatel-Lucent  in Shanghai, my daughter and my wife found a little wild cat on the street which was almost dying. They took it home and brought it to the animal doctor. After three weeks the cat seemed to be healthy and vivid, so they took it back.

After a while we found out that the cat had a bad habit. She liked to rasp her nails on our couch.  So we bought a small wooden house extra for her, where she could rasp her nails there. But she did not like the wooden house, but the couch.

My wife tried to talk with her as she talked with a dog. Then she tried to put the cat’s nails on the small house. But nothing helped. The cat still loved to rasp her nails on our couch.

One day my wife got a great idea. While the cat was watching, my wife rasped herself the nails on the small wooden house. She did so, as she would enjoy it very much. Then the miracle happened. After some time, the cat started to rasp her nails on the wooden house.

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