Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Man Who Dreamed to Be a Butterfly

An old story: the famos Taoist Zhuangzi felt sad, because he dreamed to be a butterfly. As he woke up, he was unsure, if he was a human being who dreamed to be a butterfly or he was a butterfly who dreamed to be a human being.

Yesterday I went to the movie Avatar in IMAX with 3D, gigantic film. The story is rather stupid, but the animation effect is just unbelievable with its wonderful pictures and fantastic music. What really fascinated me was that Jake used a remote controlled body called Avatar to join the Navi in order to negotiate a deal with them. Navi was a  folk living in the forest on Pandora, where there are valuable resources. The life as an Avatar was so real that Jake finally gave up his human body and joined Navi forever.

During the movie Jake asked the question: am I a Navi who dreamed to be a human being?

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