Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fair Workload Distribution

There are people overloaded with work of 12 to 16 hours a day. And there are people who are actively looking for jobs, opportunities to contribute, ways to use their talents and to actualize themselves.

Why can’t the busy people pass on some tasks to the work-seeking people? There are basically two reasons: willingness and ability.

Willingness: some people love to work so much that they just want to keep the current situation; Some would feel insecure, losing power and control, if they would give away some work to others; Few unconsciously want to destroy their health, because they do not love themselves enough.

Ability: some people are lack of ability to delegate. But vast majority of hard-working people are lack of ability to find others with the right skill sets to delegate the work to. Those free people might exist within the company or somewhere in the world. But they are just not accessible for the busy people.

What if we can create a web based workload distribution platform. It could exist in corporate intranet or in the internet. People can trade the work items like they trade books, furniture or cars at eBay. And they can bid the work by using a auction system. Organizational barrier would be reduced to a minimum.

Two main obstacles need to be removed. One is to standardize tradable work items and the other is to standardize qualifications to those tradable work items. Most likely the knowledge work will be on the internet first, consulting, writing presentations, writing reports, teaching and training works, etc.

I would predict that by 2050 there is a growing population of freelancers who are making a life with this type of work, in every corner of the globe. And there will be focused small and medium size company who will provide only services at the internet. Multi-Nationals may still exist. But they will have small amount of fixed staffs to keep the company competitive and flexible enough for changes. They will manager those freelancers and small companies dynamically online to run their company.

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