Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dress Code: FREE

Generally people tend to see the draw backs in the company they work for and overlook the nice aspects. Today I would like to present one advantage of the company I work for, just for a change, with the full awareness that this is not the only advantage. I am talking about the dress code.

A colleague and friend comes to the office always with suit and tie with perfect color combination and cuff links. When I asked him why he dresses always that formal, he answered: “Because I respect you, my friend, and because I respect myself.” Bone.

Another colleague and friend, a woman, does not wear formal, but constantly fashionable, sexy, some times with jeans, sometimes miniskirt. She likes to dress that way and it looks wonderful.

Our CEO wears business casual, no ties, unless there are customer meetings. His direct reports certainly adapted his style, no ties, even before they wore ties. Our leadership is at least flexible in styling.

I am much more flexible, sometimes I come with jeans and sweater, sometimes with suit, including tie and cuff links. A colleague was confused with the inconsistency and asked me: “Why do you dress that formal today?”

I smiled and told him: “Between you and me, here is my secret. When I stand up early in the morning, I took shower and wear nicely, because I like to give good impression. But when I stand up late, I just grasp the nearest clothes and hurry up to the office.”

Fortunately, my company allows it. People are absolutely divers in dress code, namely FREE.

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