Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Never Give Up Your Dreams

Dreamers sometimes feel dissatisfaction with their reality. Lets suppose you have high ambitions to become financially independent, to find a perfectly fitting partner or to earn you life with work you absolutely love. And all of sudden you lost your job. The gap of your dreams and your realities are becoming bigger that sometimes you may consider giving up the dreams. Don’t do it and here is the reason.

When you give up your dreams, you give up your hope. When you give up your hope, you do not take any action. When you do not take any action, your chance to change your life is almost zero. In contract, when you do hold your dreams, you see the hope. When you see the hope, you take the actions. When you take the actions, your have the chance of improve your life. And you attract all the resources, energy and information you need to realize your dreams.

The potential of a person can not be measured by his smartness, knowledge and money, but by how big his dream is and how long he can hold his dream. People who have dreams can not fail. They only can die. Because any setbacks and any unfavourable circumstances will make them stronger and more confident that they will eventually realize their dreams.

Dreams are born in your heart and they will only die there.

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