Monday, May 11, 2009

Selective Memories: Improve Your Live Instantly

Years ago I learnt a method to improve my achievements. It is called success book. It tells you to write down every success during a day, big or small. That way you are much aware of your success. You can also create a love book or happiness book.

I know a woman who is very bright. She tells every small or big positive aspect of her life to everyone she likes, when she bought new shoes, new clothes, new jewelry, when she started to learn a new language or new music instrument, when she visited a new bar or restaurant, when she tried a new spa or ate a delicious cake.

On the other side when something negative happened to her, for example a car accident, she tried to remember the good side of it, e.g. the guy was nice or fortunately the cost of the repair was all covered by the insurance.

From above two examples I realize that maybe initially what happened did not really change. But if you emphasize the positive side of the reality, the positive side will have more weight to you. You select the things to remember you like. By any time of your life, it is not what you really have experienced, but what you can remember, will make up your (subjective) reality.

At the second stage however, when you get used to focus on the bright side of your life, your mood will be better, you will have higher energy level and you will have better judgment and make better decisions which will change your quality of live, improve your efficiency and increase your level of happiness.


  1. I really like your good suggestions! What you are writing is true. And I made another interesting experience: if something negative happened to me and I can tell it to other people, it will become better, too! So for example: if I have pain and I tell to my friends, that I have pain, it becomes easier for me to bear that pain.Isn`t that funny?

  2. Thanks for your comments. I fully agree with you. To conclude:

    1) To tell negative expereince to a closed friend
    is to release it. You just need to tell once.

    2) To tell the positive expereince is to emplify. You might do it as often as possible.